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We're not oldies, just goodies!

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Like a fine wine, we get better with time...

Are you VB Fine? Show us and be spotlighted!

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Larenz Tate, From Chicago to Hollywood -  Film and Television Actor

This super talented and sweet actor has been making us pay attention ever since he  came on the scene, back in the day. His  commitment  and mesmerizing skill displayed in all his roles, quickly  made him one of our very favorites on the  big screen.  From his adorable charm in "The Inkwell" to the guy that  women fell in love with in "Love Jones",  or the memorable "Menace II Society"...We  can't get enough!


Chanté Moore - San Francisco/Los Angeles -Singer/Songwriter/TV Personality 

What can we say about  the FINE Ms. Chanté Moore ?  This beautiful and talented songbird debuted in 1992 and easily got her new fans hooked. The album, entitled "Precious" was quickly certified gold.  She's still got  it going on, and can hit those high notes with ease.

Just check out her performance on the 2022 Soul Train Awards show.

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