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Bishop Cynthia King Bolden Gardner

May you never think that you are above confessing your sins and faults and forgiving offenses.

May you learn to access all of the blessings, gifts and  the spiritual wealth that God has provided us in Christ Jesus.

Thanks to Calvary,  we already have every spiritual blessing, everything that pertains to life from the Good and Perfect Gift that comes down from the Father of Lights in Whom is no variableness neither shadow of turning. 

He satisfies thy mouth with good things. May you enjoy every bite. In Jesus’ Name.

May  the eyes of your understanding be enlightened and you not only to comprehend but GRASP the good and perfect will of God for you, your family, ministry, parishioners and nation in Jesus Name and pray it through.

May every new week bring new blessings and opportunities to bless others.

May Jesus pardon and deliver us from all known and unknown sin, wash our conscience with the water of the Word so we will be effectual and fervent in our prayers and Kingdom undertakings.

May God grant you open doors, blessings unforeseen snd unforetold and establish the work of your hands making your way prosperous.

May He acknowledge and bless your tithes and offerings. May  He give you joy  unspeakable and full of glorrry, hope, peace & love.

May He perpetually expand your territory, grant you grace, cause you to draw nigh and let you lay on his breast and learn as you lean on Him like John.

May He grant you to be in the inner circle, learning first hand all you need to grow in grace and train and equip other saints to lead a fruitful and prosperous life for the glory of the kingdom.

May He give you the power to get wealth, a legacy for your your children and a good life for your spouses, parishioners and the community you serve.

May you grow in revelation, word of knowledge, wisdom, prophecy, tongues and interpretation for the edification, comfort and consolation of future heirs to the Kingdom.

May our lights shine so brightly that miracles, signs and wonders are a part of your daily walk. May your shadows speak that wherever you walk healing is cast and deliverance wrought. May power flow from the fabric of your being and your clothing.

May we exercise our authority to bind on earth , bind in heaven and be good stewards of the manifold grace bestowed upon us.

May we heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons, tred upon serpents and scorpions and all the power of the enemy.

Never forget to feed the sheep tend the lamb, set the captives free, clothe naked, shelter the homeless, visit the widow and fatherless those bound in prison and feed the hungry, tend to the sick, speak a word in season out of season, reprove, rebuke and exhort with all long suffering and doctrine.

May we be mindful to fast and pray to be heard on High, good stewards of His manifold grace, rightly dividing the Word of Truth, walking humbly but in power like Christ and Paul.

Above all else May we be pleasing in His sight, attentive to His voice and dependent upon His will as set forth in His Word in Jesus’ Most High Holy and Blessed Name.

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