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Dr. Cynthia King Bolden/Author - Leadership Spirit (Motivating Followship) 

Leadership Spirit (Motivating Followship) was inspired by the need to share forty years of experience as a black woman in two male dominated professions. 

Law and ministry, have heretofore been two of the most misogynistic and oppressive of professions. Consequently, it is imperative to share strategies, tactics, wisdom, successes, failures, encouragement with both male and female of every race and age group. You don’t know your impact and the pain inflicted unless you are brought face to face with it. Then you my be convicted to change.

 Most people soar through life only thinking of their individual needs and wants oblivious to their impact upon others.

Leadership is about assessing strengths and weaknesses in professional and clerical life that can be transformed into virtues and models of success in reaching out to lead, guide, inspire, propel, catapult the next generation of leaders to excel and do “greater works” than we have. 

It’s about the joys in sharing your journey with another, redefining your personal blueprint as the impetus for their starting line, but not their finish. Prayerfully their final personal goal map will exceed what you gave them to start with and inspire them to reach forward and pull in the next group of   apprentices/disciples/pupils/prospective leaders.

The principles delineated in this work are transferable to all walks of life and professions, even as a simple set of values to mature by.

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