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R Baskerville Hearon, Author -"My novellas are a trilogy series of love stories about three main characters living their best lives in Las Vegas. The first novella is called "Seasons" and the second one is "Season II Season." The first novella Seasons, the beginning, take you into the lives of Leilani, Art and Veronica. Leilani, who is a classically trained Chef meets Art, who is a retired millionaire. In the second novella Season II Season, Karma, the story describes Veronica's downward spiral of her inevitable demise from her choices of greed. All the novellas focus on traveling, great cuisine, millionaire lifestyles of the characters enjoying the finer things in life that most of us only dream of.

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Natassia S. Fifer, Author -Matters of the Heart is the continuance of personal life events reflecting on intimate encounters concerning love, faith, friendship, family, career, and one’s life purpose. This book will astutely engage readers with a critical thought-provoking perspective, conveying an unapologetic stance regarding recent past and present experiences. She is a graduate of Lourdes University with a Masters Degree in Liberal Studies. She is currently working on a Masters in Business Administration/Entrepreneurship and will continue to release future projects.

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Phil the Blerd Explorer, Author - Black tourism has been on the rise for the last few years. This black travel guide aims to show potential travelers why Incheon, South Korea should take priority over Seoul or Busan. It was designed and created by an all-Black team for people of color. Inside of this guide you will find travel information written from the viewpoint of an African American male living in Korea, information about places to explore with special attention to places for nerds that enjoy Marvel, Gundam, One Piece, and more. The author is  motivated to create travel content due to the lack of travel information from the viewpoint of a black person.

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JoeAnn Nicholas, Author - JoeAnn lives in Houston, TX, but is originally from Milwaukee, WI. Though she enjoys writing in various genres, she has a special interest in penning African American Literature. She loves to read and travel across the country, while exploring American history and the ancestry of African Americans. Visiting museums and cultural sites are a favorite pastime, which has given her the inspiration to write and share her experiences with readers.

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