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Younger, But Not Wiser

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

I don't know how many of you are asking yourself some hard questions these days, that wouldn't have even been a thought 20 years ago. Questions such as, "What happened to me?", "Where's all my confidence gone?" or "Why does it seem like they're doing nothing, but trying to make it harder for me on the job?" You notice the new hires and even some of the people you must now report to are closer to your oldest offspring's age, than yours. Night after night, your sleep is interrupted by anxieties that you never had before. You see the changes in everything around you. New technology being introduced at the speed of light, just when you thought you'd finally gotten the hang of the last installment. Yes, change. I always considered myself to be good with change. Adaptable. Quick-Learner, photographic memory. All that. I look around now and see sticky notes, scribbled note pads, and I have to set alarm reminders just to keep things rolling and in order.

Aging doesn't mean we're ready to be put out to pasture, however. Nor replaced. Being treated like potential trade-ins for a newer model is just not okay. New, doesn't always equate to better and younger doesn't mean wiser. There's something to be said about real earned experience. This can be said for all areas of life. From the boardroom to the bedroom, we can still hold it down as long as you're not so quick to assume that we no longer have value. We can still teach those who are willing to listen and learn. It's not about growing old and being bitter, because we're growing old. It's more about not being made to feel like your contributions no longer matter. Appreciation, gratitude, and respect is all we want and deserve...And, don't call me by my first name unless I say you can.

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