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Words by Bishop Cynthia King Bolden Gardner

It’s time for us to concertedly push for integrated learning in all school systems that receive government funding.

For decades we have boasted about our melting pot roots until recently as people of color attempted to exercise a right of entry based upon the hype.

Latinos ended up in cages with glassine walls over river and creek beds expensive enough to care for them and their families for generations. Instead, they became victims of government authorized and sanctioned hate crimes, substandard housing that we don’t even allow in our prisons. They were marginalized, denied appropriate medical care. Their children were literally ripped from their breasts, many died and others were never reunited with their parents. Mental health issues, separation anxiety and depression abounded.

Haitians are the most recent. Braving the oceans with their children atop their shoulders with armed law enforcement denying entry.

Our children are unaware of various cultures and are therefore as intolerant as former slave masters as they war in their racially segregated gangs.

We need ADVANCED RACIAL TOLERANCE (ART) in each school. ART consists of sociology or geography culturally sensitive classes that include monthly education concerning and activities honoring Latinos, Blacks, Cubans, Russians, Jews, Puerto Ricans, Chaldeans, Indians and other Easterners including Chinese. Students will learn of their history, culture, clothing, food, music and art with law enforcement partaking of monthly assemblies. This will boost self-respect, tolerance, ease racial divides and the blood lust resulting from jumping in gang members.

Additionally, various community organizations such as bar associations, frats and sororities affiliated with particular ethnic groups can participate and sponsor these events thereby boosting morale.

Law enforcement participation will lessen racial fears, tensions, conflict, brutality, murders.

What do we have to lose?!

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