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SAME OLE BAIT & SWITCH-Words by Bishop Cynthia King Bolden Gardner

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

YOU thought you were on a voyage to a better place, but you were ENSLAVED.

You thought your family could be together but they sold you like cattle, because they didn’t even consider you HUMAN.

THEY proved that with the whips, rapes, molestations, gator feedings, and lynchings.

You thought you arrived when you worked in the Big House, but you were just a dressed up slave.

You thought Abe Lincoln set you free, with the Emancipation Proclamation, the Constitution, the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts but THEY don’t honor them anymore than the documents you carry, that say you were freed.

The Massah is the same…just new tricks, and new games.

You fought his wars, the awards, statues and medals still don’t carry your name.

You’re surprised they shoot you for jogging, selling cigarettes, riding down the road, having a licensed firearm, sleeping in a parking lot due to an extended exhausting trip?

They don’t even RESPECT our women, in or out of uniform. Jail is free meat, a free trick from a woman who wasn’t one.

It’s a knee in your back and on your neck for four hundred plus years!

Continue to despise the tears, but the PAIN remains.

They have scarred you for life, but will promote your wife, to further distort the family with STRIFE.

Oh, we got a new flag!...It’s still a trick bag, from a man touted as just, a man of faith and integrity. Then WHY, though he’s dead, does he still have his KNEE on me?!

He voted against desegregation. Brown vs. Board of Education, both Civil Rights Acts but they named a Space Station, and a boat after him.

One glad morning. we will fly away and our soul has been anchored in the Lord, but his transportation is the same that fed up Rosa Parks and his flag another mechanism, another racist mark.

They good at it!... “bait and switch”, # 45 was the leader of the pack, the dirty son

Who’s next

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