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Police Car Chases and You by Dr. Cynthia King Bolden

Only too frequently, we are witnessing some of the most horrific deaths ever caused by high speed police car chases. This loss of life is most heart-wrenching, because it is seen as unavoidable. If those involved would only stop to weigh the possible consequences before the tragic losses occur.

What am I babbling about? The rash of lives taken on the roads of the United States and probably many places elsewhere.

Police are chasing at an alarming rate, after non-felonious drivers. They are speeding out of control within and without county and state lines for what amount to citations for traffic violations, and other non-life threatening offenses. These result in either the one being chased, or the police officers themselves crashing and taking the unsuspecting lives of others. Vehicles have run into poles, flipped over and killed passengers when hit, due to running red lights and stop signs during the chase. Children under five, have lost their precious lives and you might have heard about the poor young Door Dash driver whose police rounds unloaded into his body like Swiss cheese. The young man was just starting his adult life. Another tragedy added to many. How can we stop this? In my opinion, we need to talk to our governing officials and assure that laws are in place to protect innocent citizens. Who knows who will be next.

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