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Not a Cougar...Or a Jaguar!

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Pumas, Cougars, Jaguars. And the list goes on. So many names to describe women who have an appetite for younger men. However, none of those labels fit me. Although, I don't have any problem attracting the attention of younger men, I'm just not all that interested. I've liked my men a bit older ever since I was allowed to date. Don't get me wrong, 3-5 years younger is definitely not a 'no go' at my age, but a wider gap than that and I'd start to wonder seriously where we both are in life. My sons would have to go through that whole 'mean-muggin' thing. And besides, our bedtimes probably don't even match. For the ladies who wear the labels proudly, I ain't mad at ya. Mind-blowing sex is great, but 'young bucks' need to be able to chill, give good foot rubs, and come up with some new Sciatica stretches.

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