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Lie To Me

They say the truth hurts. Does it?

We hear the lies everywhere, and we're consumed by them. In the media, on the phone, at work, and in your own house. The lies started from our childhood. Think about it....Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Stork who brought you, who "discovered" America, and even that big one that Jesus was born on December 25th. Then later came, You're not smart enough, not cool enough, not strong enough, not pretty enough, not man enough, or Black enough. You are not ENOUGH, is the lie we subconsciously start to embrace. And soon, we start to believe. The lies become our "normalcy". Have our psyches grown so accustomed to the lies hovering over our reality like vultures? Does truth actually cause us so much discomfort when we hear it, that the lies offer us a solace of something that we can actually handle? They just sound better. Have you heard the one, "Your colleague makes more money doing the exact same job as you, because..." or how about "I hit you, because I love you."? I'm not uncomfortable with the truth, even if it stings. Because that, I can respect. I'm not uncomfortable hearing nor seeing it. Bringing, a lie to me brings out something within me that is so very far from the description of discomfort. Why? The truth really isn't harder. It may be less convenient for you, or more difficult for your flawed character to formulate. But harder than a lie, no. So, DON"T lie to me.

I stopped believing in fairy tales a long time ago.

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