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CAVEAT EMPTOR—-BUBBLE, BUBBLE TOIL & TROUBLE, by Dr. Cynthia King Bolden-Gardner

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

It’s all good despite the rabbit trails. Traveling is such a joy, but there are some hidden snares of which you MUST be aware.

I just went to Senegal for a 10-day Transformative Revival. I booked with ASAP TICKETS, just as I had when I went to Kenya and India. I was booked on United Airlines, from Jackson, MS to Houston, TX to Brussels, Belgium and returning the same way for $898 round trip. Big mistake.

First, Brussels has special forms relating to Covid-19 that must be submitted in advance.

Fortunately, cell phones allow you to get that done in record time. You also have to input the data already on your shot records, which are kept with your passport. Mind you, YOU ARE JUST PASSING THROUGH THEIR AIRPORT! Failure to comply, means you don’t go any further!

On the return, another snag.

Though you can leave the US and enter Africa without proof of a recent test, because you have your shot records, it’s not the same standard when you leave. The US won’t let you return—-without a negative Covid test conducted within 24 hours, so you can not board the plane.

Mind you, there is no notice of this anywhere. I was told I needed the test, but no one knew where to go or how to go about it. It's now back to the cab, with luggage in tow, and another hotel bill. Devastated.

I researched online, found a doctor 40 miles away! Jumped in a taxicab, got there, and found that they no longer did the tests. Fortunately, there was the Institute de Pasteur nearby where the government did the tests. Another cab fare. I managed to rebook my flight for the next night, but there was no guarantee the results would be in by then. I took the risk. Now, back to the airport. United, rebooked me with Delta Airlines, gave me the confirmation number, BUT NO TICKET NUMBER. They said ASAP would need to confirm, also... ASAP said it was done at noon, so I was safe to fly out at 1 AM. NOT…. They never confirmed, Delta had no record of the new booking, so back to the cab with my luggage, truly livid, and chewing rocks the size of boulders.

The following day, I was off to the airline ticket office where I was informed, the reissue was a fake and that they were sorry, but they do that online. By now, I’m literally gripping my chest like Fred Sanford and my face looked like Esther's...the sister-in-law. Frustrated, I was now being told that I could get back for $949. Reaching for my card, I'm told “cash only.” I was able to book online with a human for $1343, BIG DIFFERENCE. One more hurdle...They said, my 24-hour 25,000 franc Covid test had expired and had to be done OVER!

Mind you the first one was quoted at 25,000 and 3 minutes later 35,000 by the same

official! I went off.

I’m home now, had an awesome time... BUT, LET THE BUYER BEWARE!

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