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Between Dignity and Desperation

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

I'm hiding from the heat and what seems like a never-ending threat of the Corona Virus. like most everyone else these days. Staying inside gives you a lot of time to think...about all kinds of things. Like how single women over 50 may sometimes be making an unconscious choice between dignity and desperation when it comes to men. People give you that side eye look and the crooked smile, when you're "uncoupled" in late mid-life. While I've never been enrolled in the school of 'any man is better than no man', some women have found themselves in a quandary about settling so they don't wind up old and alone. Being single 'by choice' is the new moniker being used to shut nosy folks down before they decide to give you relationship advice or attempt to play matchmaker for some dude they think is lonely like you. Are women pressured into setting their standards aside to open up the doors to just a warm body to keep company with? Is it worth having to grin and bear more than they want and a lot less than they deserve? Often a private question is asked in the mirror, How long do you wait? More importantly, at what point does dignity slowly fade into desperation without realizing it?

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