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Why Sex after 50 is Important

Some may say, as we get older we lose our mojo or desire for sex. Is it that we lose our appetite for it because of hormonal changes, or have we simply lost our appetite for our partner? Do we desire something different than we did in our 30s ? Whatever our reasons for not wanting or getting the 'Good Good', there are several reasons why we should:

  • It helps you look better.

  • Lack of estrogen in women can cause vaginal dryness, hence pain or discomfort during sex after long lapses. Use it or Lose it!

  • Having sex 2-3 times a week is ideal, but having sex at least once a week can help you live longer.

  • Sex can increase your survival of a heart attack.

  • Sex brings pleasure in the brain due to Dopamine being released during orgasm.           If you're lucky to get one.

  • Sex is a mood enhancer and great exercise.


Yes, as we age hormones and everyday life can affect our sex life. But, let's face it...We all feel better when we are desired by someone else that we want to be connected to. Start thinking of sex as part of your health regimen.