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Love At A Distance

Have you ever met someone that lived in another city, state or even country and decided not to pursue that relationship, simply because of the distance?

Many people set geographical boundaries for themselves that may keep them from finding exactly what they’ve been searching for.​ Finding the right life partner may not be as simple as going to church, or meeting them at the gas station or supermarket. If that person lived within a ten mile radius of you, chances are you probably would have met them already. If you’ve been single for many years but looking, you may want to consider expanding your horizons. Online dating sites and social media present opportunities for meeting people outside of your everyday focus. Yes, it’s true that you have to be careful of the game-players, gold-diggers, and being “cat-fished”, but there are some genuinely great people mixed within that mix.

The higher powers have someone just for you. If you’re a religious or spiritual person, consider it in this way: We can pray for something and when the Lord gives it to us, sometimes we reject it or ignore it when it’s sent. If you say you want to bake a cake, and you are given all the ingredients to make that cake yet those ingredients are not a cake until you mix them up and bake them! If you leave the ingredients on the counter or just stack them in the cabinet and forget about them, then that’s on you! No one can make you bake that cake. Obviously, you didn’t want the cake that badly. You can pray all day, but prayer without some sort of action is usually useless. God works in mysterious ways, you can’t expect things to just show up in a nice package with a pretty bow on your doorstep. If you meet someone on a trip, don’t automatically look at distance as a deal-breaker.

The point may need to step outside of those boundaries you have placed, in order to manifest what has already been given to you. Open your mind and be willing to go get it!

                                                                  -Lesly Patterson