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Grace Jones

Singer, Songwriter, Model, Actress
Innovative and Unforgettable

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"I only move forwards, never backwards, darling..."


Grace Jones, born Grace Beverly Jones on May 19, 1948, in Spanish Town, Jamaica before relocating to Syracuse, New York as a teenager.

Grace Jones emerged as a successful model in New York City, and Paris. By 1977, Grace had secured her first record deal, that resulted in a string of international dance club hits.

Jones, established herself as a style-innovator, and trendsetter as her music career continued to soar and her various albums produced several chart-topping hits. Wherever Grace Jones was, all eyes were on her. Along with her successful music career, she is also famous for her unforgettable acting roles in films, such as "Conan the Destroyer" (1984), "A View t a Kill" (1985), and "Boomerang" (1992). Jones, has also appeared in multiple television projects. Ms. Jones shares one son, Paulo Goude , who is now 43. At age 74, Grace is still performing and never fails to mesmerize her fans. Grace Jones, unforgettable and unstoppable.


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