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We may be just on to this, but women in China, Japan and Southeast Asia have used rice water rinses to grow and maintain healthy hair, for centuries.

In small villages in China, women have been known for having hair averaging as long as 6 feet. And in Japan, it was not uncommon to grow hair to floor length. These women credited their long healthy hair to their pratice of bathing in rice water. 


So what are the benefits?

Hair bloggers and some scientists believe that rice water is beneficial to hair, because it contains a fantastic combination of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids.

Rice water rinse benefits results can include:

  • reduced dandruff

  • stronger, thicker hair

  • easy to detangle hair

  • nourished hair follicles at the root

  • less hair breakage

  • reduced shedding and split ends

  • longer, faster hair growth

Could this be your new hair thing ?​

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